Nollywood Actor Ugezu J. Ugezu criticizes charging guests for food at Nigerian parties


Nollywood actor Ugezu J. Ugezu has spoken out against a new trend in Nigeria where party hosts charge guests for food.

On July 8, 2024, Ugezu shared on Instagram about his friend’s experience at such a party.

He said, “There is this thing that I don’t understand. The way we copy things in this country is becoming very disturbing. Something happened to a friend of mine and he called me yesterday to tell me that they went for a party. Can you believe that the person who called for the party insisted that all the adults that come for the party must pay for what they will eat? The only people who could eat free were the children but all the adults had to pay.”

Ugezu thinks this practice goes against African culture, where hosts are expected to be generous to guests. He explained, “It has something to do with your spiritual blessings. Suddenly someone would organise a party and say that people would pay.”

While acknowledging that this is common in America, Ugezu strongly believes it shouldn’t be adopted in Nigeria or Africa. He stated, “It is not supposed to be something we can learn here; we are not supposed to learn that. When you come for a party in this part of the world, people can gift you when they are leaving. We should know the kinds of things we should be copying. How can someone call a party and be asking people to pay? Not in Africa, please.”

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