"We must unite & defend Nigeria": Okupe urges Support For Tinubu on Niger crisis

 Okupe is a former Director-General of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign

In this period of international conflict, all Nigerians & our political leaders must unite and collectively rise in defence of our Sovereign state.

It matters not who the president is.

The true test of our patriotism is the ability to put aside our domestic differences in times like this and jointly condemn the effrontery & undiplomatic assault from Niger's military adventurers.

President Bola Tinubu is fighting for the enthronement of democracy in West Africa.

It is a commendable act.

This has from time immemorial been the established focus and center point of our foreign policy. We cannot waver now even in spite of economic challenges.

I am not suggesting we go to war wt Niger. But Niger cannot rubbish Nigeria. I as a patriot will not take that. We shld not be quiet cos of internal differences & allow this to happen. Presidents are not permanent. We must all protect that seat else it's not worth fighting for.

We must rebuke and condemn the demeaning of the Nigerian Presidency especially from countries that we have laboured and committed enormous resources to support the welfare & well being of their citizenry.

Doyin Okupe