We Will Vote Edeoga Out In Four Years, If He Fails Us - Kenneth Okonkwo

Spokesperson of Labour Party's presidential campaign, Kenneth Okonkwo has stated that the people of Enugu will vote out Labour Party's gubernatorial candidate in the state, Chijioke Edeoga, if he fails to perform after four years, gistpunch reports.

Okonkwo urged Enugu people to vote Chijioke Edeoga and other political candidates of Labour party in Enugu State.

Okonkwo wrote on his Twitter handle;

I come to people of Enugu State in peace. I owe you the truth as your Servant. Let me admit that there is no Saint among all the candidates for Governor in Enugu State. None of them can exonerate himself from the ignoble past of the negative influence of the Ebeano politics in Enugu State.

"Ebeano is all about power and money. They are producers of death and corruption. After witnessing how PDP organised its gubernatorial primary in Enugu and saw how the ticket was bought and sold to the highest bidder

"I remembered how our principal Peter Obi witnessed the same thing in PDP national convention and refused to participate in it but rather left for Labour Party for a new Nigeria. After also seeing how PDP as a party treated the South-East which gave them 100% support for 20 years but turned round when they should support the presidential aspiration of South-East to tell us that we are not qualified to be President or Vice President in Nigeria, I felt that no reasonable person from the South-East should ever support anything PDP until such insult is remedied.

"We cannot empower a party that calls us nobodies. APGA in South-East is even more dangerous for the South-East than PDP because Gov Soludo is the leader of APGA now. You can imagine empowering a party in Enugu which doesn't believe that a person from the South-East should be President of Nigeria. The cock of APGA has been killed by unknown gunmen in the South-East. This will not help us realise our presidential mandate given to Peter Obi.

"The Labour Party is the only pathway for the realisation of the presidential mandate given to Peter Obi. Chijioke Edeoga made a wise decision by coming under the canopy of this new trend to a new Nigeria. He has a mentor in Peter Obi that will help shape him in line with the needed character, capacity and competence in any area he needs it.

"I am endorsing Chijioke Edeoga looking at the future of our people not the past. PDP and APGA have failed us. Time to try a new direction has come. Vote Chijioke Edeoga of Labour Party for a new Enugu State. We will vote him out in four years if he fails us. God bless NdiEnugu. Kenneth Okonkwo Presidential Spokesperson Labour Party Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council"