Nigerian Army denies creating 'unknown gunmen and Biafra National Guard'


Nigerian Army denies creating

 The Nigerian Army has denied allegations that it or the Department of State Services (DSS) created the Biafra National Guard and the unknown gunmen in the South-East.

This comes after the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) alleged recently that the DSS created both groups to disunite Igbos and paint the IPOB as a criminal group. 

The Army described the claims as a hoax by the IPOB and the Eastern Security Network to diminish the public support it's military activities in the South-East has been getting.

Director Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu disclosed this in a statement titled, ‘Conspiracy Pretext Employed By IPOB/ESN, A Hoax,’ issued on Saturday, October 30.

The statement read, “The Nigerian Army(NA) is not unmindful of the antics of individuals or groups whose stock in trade is to peddle falsehood and disinformation to remain relevant in South-East Nigeria. One of such scheming, currently in the media domain is the mischievous submission by Kalu Odinakachi, who alleged that the DMI and DSS created and funded BNG, UGM to Enforce-Sit- at Home in a bid to discredit IPOB/ESN. It must be abundantly clarified that this spurious allegation is unfounded and could be absolutely described as a hoax. 


“Though the NA would not like to elevate such purveyors of disinformation and propaganda, it is expedient to put on record, that in recent times, the activities of IPOB/ESN have undoubtedly assumed a violent dimension. This unimaginable level of violence is oiled with propaganda and disinformation to whip-up sentiments and draw sympathy from unsuspecting citizens in the region.

“For the records, the proscribed organisation has in recent times foisted a sit-at-home order to show sympathy for their self-acclaimed leader. This was greeted with violence, orchestrated destruction of public installations and facilities, arson, as well as looting of shops and malls in the region, to demonstrate their criminal potency. They defiled the sanctity of the highly revered traditional institution of Ndigbos by recklessly murdering their own traditional leaders. These spineless and irresponsible actions targeted at the very people they claim they want to liberate, clearly unmask their heinous and directionless agenda for Ndigbos. 


“Realising the futility, hollowness and public rejection of their violent agitation, they resorted to twisting the narrative in the region to galvanise local support. Their wild allegation that BNG and UGN were an overt operation by the DMI and DSS is not only laughable but remains largely illusive and a ploy to diminish the public support the NA is savouring in the ongoing exercises. In his blatant display of ignorance, Odinakachi failed to realise that such designation as DMI has since ceased to exist in the NA. These criminal elements with their cohorts must come to terms with the reality of the ongoing Exercise GOLDEN DAWN and turn themselves in to security agencies or be ready to face the consequences of their lawlessness.


“More grotesque is the narrative peddled by these merchants of propaganda, in respect of IPOB/ESN gunmen recently eliminated by troops in a shootout at Ekwulobia Roundout in Aguata LGA. These unscrupulous elements insinuated that those taken out were Fulanis. An outrageous claim that should be disregarded in its entirety. This is apparently another failed attempt in their usual mannerism, to attribute their criminal activities to a third party and feign innocence; an indication of a visionless group totally devoid of integrity.”

“We encourage members of the public to provide actionable information to security agencies as the Exercises progress,” the statement added.