Novak Djokovic Takes On 2 Fat Sumo Heavyweight Fighters

Novak Djokovic has taken an innovative approach to training ahead of the Japan Open by stepping into the dohyo to face a sumo wrestler.

The Serbian visited Ryogoku Edo-Noren after touching down in Tokyo and looked weightless in comparison to his enormous opponent.

In an ATP Tour clip, the showboating sumo can be seen standing on the edge of the ring while Djokovic struggles to move him.

'It's a great experience. I've never had this experience before,' Djokovic said.

'It's one of the most popular sports in Japan. Speaking with my father yesterday on the phone I was telling him that I'm going to have an opportunity to meet sumo wrestlers.

'He and I were remembering many years ago at home (when) we used to watch Akebono (Taro, who reached Yokozuna status), who was someone that we supported a lot.

'I felt that I am out of shape (for sumo) a little bit. I think with a few more kilos, I'll be ready to compete.

'Probably three times as much as I have right now would be the right measurement for me to compete.'

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