Ellen DeGeneres Furious Over Kelly Clarkson’s Talk Show?

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Ellen DeGeneres Kelly Clarkson show feud
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By Griffin Matis 
Ellen DeGeneres is furious about the success of Kelly Clarkson‘s new talk show? That’s the story from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop found the rumor to be ridiculous.
Claiming that Clarkson has “muscled in on Ellen DeGeneres’ turf,” the Globe alleges that the veteran host is “spitting mad” about the singer’s new talk show. “Kelly’s poised to be the next big thing on daytime TV,” an “industry insider” tells the outlet. “She’s sparkly
and charmingly puts her foot in her mouth, and that’s why everyone loves her, but Kelly is honing in on Ellen’s territory big-time and Ellen is feeling insecure!”
The source goes on to claim that Clarkson’s got “the edge” when it comes to booking celebrity guests since she’s “younger, hipper, and funny as can be.” The seemingly phony source adds, “Now the word has gotten back to Ellen that Kelly’s been making personal pitches to people like Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry to come on her show. Ellen’s hurt and offended by this blatant poaching of her pals.” The suspicious tipster adds, “She wouldn’t be surprised if Kelly angles to get her wife, Portia de Rossi, to sit down with her!”
“They’re popping open the champagne at Kelly’s set, but it’s been awfully tense on Ellen’s side,” the “insider” says. “Kelly’s show is the lead-in to Ellen’s and studio execs want them to work together, but that’s easier said than done at this point.” The anonymous source doesn’t bother to mention that DeGeneres and Clarkson have already appeared on one another’s show to promote the singer’s talk show debut.
Clarkson’s rep denies the tabloid’s story entirely, while a source close to DeGeneres tells Gossip Cop the article is “hilarious,” and points out that the two adore each other. That being said, we think we can point to the inspiration for the Globe’s latest work of fiction.
As we mentioned, DeGeneres made an appearance on Clarkson’s show earlier this month, wishing her well and playfully teasing Clarkson about the long and successful run of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. DeGeneres gave Clarkson a massive portrait of herself seated on a throne with a dog on her lap, and also handed out new TVs to Clarkson’s studio audience. Despite having fun with the bit, DeGeneres did all this to help boost Clarkson’s show. Why would DeGeneres appear on the singer’s show and help her get some extra attention, then suddenly turn around and feel furious and threatened?
Successfully hosting one the highest rated daytime shows for decades is quite a feat, which means there’s been a ton of made-up stories about DeGeneres and her show. Last year, Life & Style published a similar piece about DeGeneres and Clarkson competing with each other over their shows. Gossip Cop has also busted more rumors than we can count about DeGeneres and de Rossi divorcing over the show. Attempting to pit DeGeneres and Clarkson against each other is just a lame and obvious move by the gossip media.