Boko Haram Takes Over Nigerian Navy Base On Lake Chad - Sahara Reporters

The video showed some members of the terrorist group jubilating in one of the ships belonging to the Nigerian Navy in Lake Chad.

They shot into the air as a sign of victory, chanting "Allah Akbar" (God is the greatest).

Four of the naval officers captured alive were made to introduce themselves while being recorded before they were eventually executed by the terrorist group.

Three of the naval officers introduced themselves as Ebirek Adewale with official number X12907, Muhammed Muhammed, and Aliyu Adamu, an excavator operator.

The fourth naval officers in the video released by the terrorist group said, “I was drafted from naval Air Wing, Port Harcourt, under the command of Nigerian Navy Ship Pathfinder to Naval Base, Lake Chad, Baga, Borno State.

“Our base was attacked on the 26th to 27th. We are on our way to escape. I was captured by the Army Kalaifa (sic) and now we are under their detention as prisoners of war.”

The insurgent group in the new video documentary released footage of the victories it has recorded in a series of attacks against the Nigerian military.

The video showed different gun battles between the insurgent group and the military with the Boko Haram group having the upper hand.

The Boko Haram sects also showed some armoured personnel carrier, guns and other battle arms taken from the military.

Another part of the video showed the insurgent group setting ablaze a Nigerian flag and that of the Nigerian Army in a camp of the Brigade Multinational Joint Task Force, Baga, Borno State.

The insurgent group also showed its members overrunning the base, killing all military personnel around and taking over all cars and arsenal belonging to the Nigerian Army.

The Nigerian government has on different occasions claimed victory against the terrorist group saying the terrorist group had been confined to the outskirt of Borno.

This claim is, however, contradictory to the daily killings by the insurgent group in different parts of Borno with the latest being the overrunning of a military base in Yobe State.