Elizabeth Etete Exposes Oluwatoyin Ajiboye, Husband Who Wants To To Remarry

A husband who betrayed his wife after reportedly flying down to Nigeria from Switzerland to marry another woman has been called out.

Etete accused her husband of betraying her.

A half-caste woman who lives in Switzerland has called out her husband who left her in the country only for him to fly down to Nigeria to impregnate and marry another woman.

The woman named, Elizabeth Etete took to her Facebook page to call out her husband for the betrayal.
She wrote: “Dear family and friends, I come to u in a time of great struggle! I am battling for my name and my children. Put me in ur prayers and help me share this post so such men can be stopped.

“Oluwatoyin Ajiboye came into my life on pure pretense and evil intentions. I have been fighting to keep a family together that never had a chance. While pretending to have a family here he has been doing the same in Nigeria!

“Too many lives has been negatively affected, and this has to stop! This picture of us was taken this yr while he went to nija to marry and pregnant the lady in blue! The second was the first attempt that didn’t workout.”

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