Rare Original IPhone Sells On EBay For Almost N13m & People Are Rushing It

The Apple iPhone , the smartphone that changed it all, was once just a prototype which is apparently up for sale on eBay .

This super rare model wasn't mass produced like the rest but was hand made in California.

At the time of publishing, with seven days left on the auction, the iPhone 1st Generation Prototype sits at $36,100.

The 2006 model iPhone is being sold by a seller listed in Portland, Oregon.

For all that money you get some pretty poor specs by today's standards. This is only 2G connected with a 2MP camera and single core processor.

The rear of the phone comes with a super rare sticker from the engineer that says "Ver 1.1.1".

Also rare is the operating system which is OS X and Earthbound, as opposed to the usual OS 1 you find on other models.

The phone comes in at 144.5g, features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and a bell icon on the mute button.

The auction is due to end on Sept 7 just after midnight BST.