Photos: Serena Williams Shares Her Ten Amazing Moments Of 2017

Tennis star Serena Williams, who gave birth to daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. in September, shared her ten personal moments of 2017. Calling the year that went by ‘amazing’, Serena shared personal moments from the day she found out she was pregnant to the day before delivering her ‘amazing baby’.

With the year coming to an end, Serena wrote in an Instagram post, “This year has been amazing for me. As it comes to its end I want to share 10 personal moments.”

1. “The day I found out I was pregnant. I had to pretend I everything was normal but I was dying inside. After all I had a grand slam to play.”

 2. “Melbourne 7 weeks pregnant”
 3. “Wow I won the Australian Open. I was 9 weeks by than (then). No one knew outside of venus and my fiancĂ© Alexis”

 4. “Everyone got me stuffed animals for my bridal shower.”
 5. “24 weeks”
 6. “Bridal shower by The VLV Group”
 7. “Still hitting at 7.5 weeks”
 8. “Vanity Fair cover of the year for me”
 9. “Just about ready to pop”
 10. “The day before I checked into hospital to have my amazing baby”