Is Kendall Jenner Also Pregnant? See...

Khloe Kardashian revealed in a sweet Instagram post that she is having a baby while Kylie Jenner is yet to confirm her pregnancy amid rumours.

And their sister Kendall Jenner, 22, drove her fans wild when she shared an Instagram post on Friday which got followers questioning whether she too could be 'pregnant'.

The model slipped her enviable figure into a skintight polka dot dress which eagle-eyed fans claimed showed her 'big tummy' in comparison to her incredibly tiny waist.

Her legion of 85,800,000 loyal fans speculated from the photograph whether Kendall could be pregnant like her sisters and flooded the post, captioned 'loner life', with questions.

'Are u pregnant?' One fan said, paving the way for similar comments to follow, as another added: 'I guess another prego?' (sic)

Others remarked: 'Why does she look pregnant? Her tummy looks big; The cutest pregnant woman ever. I wish you all the best.'

More fans penned underneath the glamorous Instagram: 'U PREGNANT?'; 'Is it Kendall or Kylie that's pregnant?'; 'Is she prego for sure like what'; 'Are you pregnant?'; 'Why does she look preg'; 'She is pregnant...'; 'Looks very pregnant to me.'