Dad Fathered 8 Kids With Own Daughter After Keeping Her As S*x Slave For 20 Years

A dad has been accused of fathering eight children with his own daughter after keeping her as a sex slave for more than 20 years - in a sick case which echoes that of Austria's Josef Fritzel.

Domingo Bulacio, 56, repeatedly raped his own daughter over two decades during which time she gave birth to multiple kids, a court in Argentina heard.

The father reportedly began raping his then 15-year-old daughter 22 years ago. There are conflicting reports about what happened to the girl's mother, with one claiming he threw her out their family home, forcing her to leave with three of their children, according to El Liberal.

Other local reports say she died, and the younger three children went to live with relatives. Evidence provided to the court revealed that a DNA test confirmed that Bulacio was the father of all eight of his daughter's children.

He was arrested in January last year after the woman took her youngest son to the doctor.

When the doctor asked who the boy's father was broke down and told him her father was also her son's dad.

Bulacio was eventually taken into custody after fleeing police and becoming a fugitive for 45 days - hiding out at a relative's home in Loreto, Santiago del Estero 30 miles away from his own.

The case is hauntingly similar to that of Fritzl's, who kept his own daughter Elisabeth captive for 24 years in his guesthouse in the town of Amstetten in the north-eastern state of Lower Austria.

He fathered seven children with her after using her as a sex slave in a soundproofed horror dungeon, where he raped her more than 3,000 times.

It was only when Kerstin, the eldest daughter fathered by Fritzl, slipped into a coma that the horror father took her to hospital, where doctors noted her malnourished condition and rotting teeth.

When Elisabeth was given permission to finally leave the cellar to visit Kerstin in hospital, she was arrested and told police about the horrific crimes her father had committed.

Fritzl, who recently changed his surname to Mayrhoff so that other prisoners might not recognise him any more, is serving life for murder and rape at Austria's most secure psychiatric prison after being jailed in 2009.

Bulacio has been charged with sex crimes and will now stand trial.

According to local reports, the victim was abandoned by her mother who was allegedly physically abused by Bulacio.

Six of the eight children are living at the boarding school of Eva Peron in Santiago del Estero, local media reported.

There is no further information about the mother whose name has not been made public.

The case, which has been adjourned until next week, continues.