DMX Heads To Rehab... House Arrest Wasn't Working

DMX says he's opting to check outta house arrest and into rehab taking full advantage of a judge's decision ... TMZ has learned.

X says, "House arrest wasn't working for me, so I made the decision to do something positive and better for myself."

TMZ further claims he's getting treatment for substance abuse at a facility in New England.

Recall a judge approved DMX breaking his house arrest for tax evasion, specifically to enter a rehab program. He can even go without wearing a GPS ankle monitor.

X's manager, Pat Gallo, says the rapper's already been working with recovery coach Joseph Griffin, and has made "great progress." He recently took a community outreach trip to a firehouse with his rehab group.

DMX adds he's also working on music during his treatment, telling TMZ, "My pen is still to the paper and I'm in Beast Mode."