Abandoned project at Adetola Street, Aguda

A LIB reader writes in...
I read on your blog sometimes last year concerning the dilapidated state of Aguda roads, and just like magic after your feature, work commenced on the road. But it is really disappointing to know that the project has been abandoned since November last year.
And things are worse than it was before the project commenced. Drainages are blocked, the abandoned road is a death trap for drivers who are not familiar with the road, as people drive with speed on the just fixed tarred road, not knowing the road is uncompleted . And the frustrating part is these contractors pick a street commence work and leave it uncompleted then move to the next phase. The unfinished roads include Adetola street which is the major street in Aguda, Brown road is also uncompleted. And just last week they moved to Bolaji Banwo. My point is with the raining season approaching, how do they expect people in this neighborhood to survive. Please help us beg the necessary bodies to see to the completion of this roads. Thank you.