How I Killed My Friend, Buried Him In Shallow Grave – Murder Suspect Confesses

Ngbede Omale has confessed to Benue State Police Command how he secretly killed his friend, Agabaidu Omale and buried him in a shallow grave.

Narrating how he committed the crime to Daily Sun at the State Police Headquarters where he is presently cooling his heels, Ngbede said he had a heated argument with his friend in the farm which resulted into a fight.
“I just gave him a little push and he fell down and before I knew it, he was dead. I tried to resuscitate him but to no avail. I didn’t know what to do and there was nobody around. So, I quickly dug a shallow grave and buried him there.”

The suspect, who is now blaming the devil for his crimes said he didn’t intend to kill his friend.
However, when it was announced in the village that Agabaidu was missing, Ngbede kept sealed lips for over eight months until hunters one day discovered his skeleton in the shallow grave where he had been buried.
“I did not intend to kill him. I did not know that he would die. In fact, as soon as I buried him, I came home and confided in one of my cousins after which I ran away from the village. I did not know that my sin would still find me out. I am sorry.”
Commissioner of Police in the state, Dibal Yakadi said the bubble burst when the mother of the deceased insisted his son was last seen with Ngbede and a manhunt was launched to nab him.
Yakadi said during investigation, Ngbede who was later found and arrested at a village in Kwara State, confessed to the crime adding that he would soon be charged to court when investigation is completed.
Source: The Sun