Miss USA We're Beggin' NBC Save The Sash!!!

0630-donald-trump-nbc-miss-usa-TMZ-01Miss USA organizers are trying to entice NBC exec to reverse their decision to ax the pageant, with the help of 51 beautiful women. 
Sources who run the pageant tell us, they're now scrambling to find a TV home just 2 weeks before the contest. They feel they shouldn't be painted with the same brush as Donald Trump, even though he has a majority stake in the pageant.

So executives who run Miss USA day-to-day are starting a petition, asking everyone associated with the pageant and others to send emails to NBC CEO Steve Burke.
The execs say they're between a rock and a hard place, because only Trump can try to cut a deal with another network, and he's made no such move. But the network has now orphaned the pageant so the only realistic option is for NBC to show mercy on the women who have no dog in Trump's fight.
The pageant people say they were blindsided by NBC's decision ... rehearsals are already underway and the girls are being fitted.   
Who knew 51 hot women would have trouble getting a date.

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