4 Ways Your Girl Can Help Keep Your Penis Working Right


A lot of guys can relate to the pain that comes with ejaculating and reaching orgasm before their partners even have a chance to break a sweat. If we have to go by recent research, there is a lot to worry over given that it is estimated that about 25% of men of all races suffer one form of erectile dysfunction or the other. It can be quite embarrassing if you get to cross the finish line even before your partner is off the starting blocs and even more so when you can’t get an erection when she’s raring to go.

Even though there are times when no matter what your woman does you’re not just in the mood. It is however essential to make sure you’re giving your best as the man and the woman is helping in whatever way she can. For these reasons, we bring to you four excellent things that you and your partner can do to get out of this logjam. The man should keep these things in mind while the woman should strive to help him out in whatever way possible. Also remember to pass these tips along too.
Tell Him To Get As Much Exercise As Possible
The importance of exercising can never be overemphasised. A recent research on erections published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine was of the conclusion that there is a significant level of correlation between exercising and male erections. The study also related good and regular exercises to the ability to have and sustain erections including the quality and frequency of occurrence of erections. It came to the conclusion that regular exercises has an effect on the overall sexual performance of male subjects saying that men who engaged themselves in strenuous exercises for 2 hours in a day reported having better sex.

Also, those that engaged in moderate exercises for three to four hours and those that had light exercises of six hours a week all reported having better sex and a healthy sexual relationship overall. Thus, if you really want him to sustain that erection for long, get him to work out. You can encourage him by participating as it will be worthwhile later on in the bedroom.
Have Him Pop Some Vitamin D
Research has shown that there is a relationship between a lack of vitamin D and an inability to get or sustain erection. It is essential to have a good level of vitamin D which helps with even blow flow to the veins and muscles of the Penis. Good blood flow will ensure the erection stays longer. Thus, if you want him performing optimally, you might want him to take some vitamin D supplements or go the hard way by jogging in the mornings when the sun is low so as to tap from the sunshine which helps in breaking the vitamin down in the body. In all, these are way better than reaching out for Viagra.
Encourage Him To Drop His Smoking Habit
Almost everyone knows that smoking is bad in every way possible and as such, you shouldn’t be surprised to discover that it also has a bad effect on the penis. First hand smokers are liable to having smaller penises and problems getting and sustaining erections. More so, research has also shown that second hand smokers who just inhale the tobacco smoke may also have reduced penis function. Thus, if you have a boyfriend that likes lighting up on a regular, get him to drop the habit as soon as possible. Further research has also shown that men that drop smoking reported firmer penises and sustaining longer erections than when they were smokers.
Get Him To Join You In Kegels
This one might be a shock to you but yes! men too can do Kegel exercises. Just as it aids firmer vaginas in females, it can also help improve male stamina. Male Kegels involves the man squeezing the muscles (perineal muscles) between the genitals and the anus. Yet another study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men that suffered premature ejaculation and weak erections were able to improve their stamina after doing these pelvic floor exercises for a few months.
You can help him get his erection in a way that will satisfy you and if you are a man and having erectile dysfunction problems, do these things and see improvements in your sexual life. Lastly, remember to share with friends and let us all be happy.