Married TV Presenter Looses His Testicles to Strange Girl He Met At a Bar

To those of you who are married and can’t stay contended with your partner – get in here because you would learn a thing or two… As a married TV presenter who took a mystery blonde girl, he had just met to a sauna then kissed her – passed out and woke up without his testicles.

The man identified as Dmitry Nikolaev, 30, from Moscow, was out drinking at his local bar when an attractive woman approached him and struck up a conversation, he called a taxi afterwards, and they went to a nearby sauna, where he got himself a beer and things got cozy and they smooched – And that was when the unexpected happened.
The man just passed out and the next thing he remembers is waking up, feeling an acute pain below the waist and noticing blood on his pants:
“I met a girl at the bar and then we went to the sauna for a taxi. I remember that I had a beer, and do not remember any more.”
It was only when he arrived at hospital that doctors told him he’d been drugged and his testicles were removed by someone who was an expert in castration, whom surgeons believe was either a doctor or a vet.
He spent hours in intensive care where doctors underwent a second operation to close the wound, according to Russian media.
And the man told his wife he was forced to undergo emergency surgery on his genitals because of a sudden serious illness – but could he have been honest???