But “Dem Say Na Lie”: GEJ’s Campaign on Obama, Buhari’s ‘Foreign’ Endorsement of Nigeria’s Economy Growth [WATCH]

There is something about this Jonathan administration that you cannot fault, it is that everybody seems to agree on the state of Nigerian Economy these days and the massive growth it has experienced under the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.
The “Dem Say Na Lie” Advert brings to bear the obvious Economic Achievements of the President

which includes the rebasing exercise, our Economic diversification spearheaded in the Agriculture sector by globally acclaimed Akinwumi Adesina ‘Forbes man of the Year 2013’, something that has seen

Nigeria attracting the largest Rice Processing Factory in Sub-Saharan Africa (Olam Factory in Nassarawa State), the Foreign Direct Investment in Critical sectors like Power such as the $1bn General Electric Power Plant in Calabar, the revival of manufacturing sector with Nissan, Hyundai owning manufacturing and assembly plants in Nigeria, including our very own Innoson Factory in Anambra with cars patronized by Jonathan’s government to boost local production.

Yet, cynical citizens and ever critical opposition will always seek to ridicule and condemn this as lies. While showing the reality of these achievements with proof the Ad attributes the value of a credible voice who spoke highly in such a way that could be considered as an endorsement of President Jonathan’s positioning of Nigeria’s Economy.

“Well, I appreciate very much the opportunity to meet once again with President Jonathan and his delegation.  Obviously, Nigeria is one of the most powerful and fastest-growing countries in the world.  I think that’s testified by the fact that President Jonathan is going to have the opportunity to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange.  (Laughter.)  I think it signifies how important Nigeria is becoming in the global economy.” – President Barack Obama (New York - September 23, 2013)

In other global forum it is incredibly difficult to deny the success as opposition candidate Buhari (who denies this at home) used the Chatham stage and spoke highly of the Nigerian Economy managed by Jonathan, which has been the toast of the world even following the IMF, Goldman Sachs Projections and current rating by CNN as the third fastest growing Economy in the world.

Buhari said,: ”After the rebasing exercise in April 2014, Nigeria overtook South Africa as Africa’s largest economy. Our GDP is now valued at $510 billion and our economy rated 26th in the world. Also on the bright side, inflation has been kept at single digit for a while and our economy has grown at an average of 7% for about a decade.” - General Buhari (Chatham House, UK February 27, 2015)
The curious thing is why the several statistics and figures used at home and the various unverified claims by his party on corruption were not stated at the Chatham event, even as they were quick to make such claims on security.

Our verdict is that they simply do not exist and are made up to confuse Nigerians. And when you see Global Analysts, Institutions, Global Leaders and General Buhari in front of his London Crowd saying the same thing, we can agree that the Nigerian Economy is indeed working despite the global oil price crises.
– Jonathan-Sambo Campaign Organization