Another Suicide Bomber Attacks Biu Motor Park

A suicide bomber reportedly killed himself and some passengers at Tashan Gandu, a popular motor park in Biu town of Borno State, today, February 26th.

The attack happened at about 3pm when the suspect, a man, managed to pass through the barrier which a suicide bomber attacked last Wednesday, and detonated the explosive after landing from a commercial tricycle, popularly known as Keke Napep.

Nasiru, ‎who witness the incident said: “The suicide bomber had come off the Keke Napep and was heading towards the roadside when the bomb went off, killing those that were inside the Keke Napep and those standing by the road side.

“Though the suicide bomber did not die immediately, he was later shot dead by angry members of Civillian-JTF. Many have been injured and some have died including the suicide bomber.”
According to Daily Trust, another suicide bomber was meanwhile shot dead by security operatives before he could reach his target.
Locals said the suicide bombers, supposed to be Boko Haram members masked as passengers and entered the motor park which receives hundreds of passengers’ every day.
It is not yet to be clear how many people were killed.

The Nation informs that more than 15 bodies have been recovered from the scene of the explosion.
The attack happened the same day when the President Goodluck Jonathan visited territories recovered from Boko Haram insurgency.

The suicide bombing is the second this week, after more then 20 people lost their lives in a blast at a bus station in the city of Kano, on Tuesday, February 24th.
Other explosion hours earlier, also at a bus station, killed 17 in the commercial capital of Yobe state, Potiskum, but it was not confirmed as a suicide attack.