I NO FIT LAUGH: Why My Jean Will Swear For Me - Ali Baba

Fans of Nigeria’s pioneer of stand-up comedy, Ali Baba, have thrown encomium on the comedian for wearing and maintaining his jeans for 10years and still maintaining his size.

The comedian disclosed to his fans that he has been maintaining his pair of jeans for 10years and does not mind if it fades out since it has not torn and still ok on him.

He wrote thus, “Some jeans will swear for me if the number of years I have been wearing them is taken into account... These ones 10 years and counting... E no Kuku tear. The fader the berrraaa #SuckBelle #Simon Cowell.”

slkomedy: @alibabagcfr 10 yearssss! Ahh dat one is now part of your life o!! No be jeans again o! Na Genes be that! Loool!!

djfxnaija: yes o... got some 6yrs too... lol!! #Nothing Compares to a pair of jeans!!!
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