Natural, Effective Ways To Repel Mosquitoes

This time of year, it’s difficult to go anywhere outside without the familiar high-pitched buzz of mosquitoes becoming a part of the routine. Noise aside, it’s often the resulting red bump and incessant itchiness that is frustrating. Many times, not even coveted creams and sprays, which often contain harsh, unhealthy chemicals, do the trick.

More natural ways to keep pesky mosquitoes away exist.
Top 3 ways to repel mosquitoes naturally
Here are ways to deter mosquitoes without harming health or the environment.
1) Break out the garlic

Garlic not only is brimming with health benefits that boost the immune system, but has also been shown to repel mosquitoes (1). Simply press some garlic and mix its juices with water, then add to a spray bottle; it’s safe on skin as well as plants, and good at keeping mosquitos away.

Others have found that even just eating it, despite the fact that enjoying cloves on a regular basis may not be preferred or practical, tended to keep the insects from biting (2).
2) Surround yourself with mosquito-repelling plants and herbs

Marigolds, lemon thyme, basil and catnip are top plants and herbs known to deter mosquitoes (3). Iowa State University researchers discovered that catnip, for example, not only keeps mosquitoes away but cockroaches too (3). They also determined that the essential oil responsible for catnip’s smell is about 10 times more effective than harsh sprays specifically designed to distance mosquitoes.
And although marigolds boast pretty orange and yellow hues, their strong scent is enough to keep the pesky biters away.
3) Buy a bat house

Have no fear. Despite scary movies and prevailing myths, bats don’t attack humans, but they do feast on insects like mosquitoes. In fact, one single bat can eat up to 1,200 mosquito-sized insects hourly, and each bat typically consumes up to 8,000 insects every night (4). Hanging a bat house can help reduce the appearance of mosquitoes in areas frequently enjoyed by people.