Miracle Bra that claims to instantly increase breasts 3 sizes BIGGER (Photos)


The quest for ever-bigger breasts may be over as Ann Summers release a bra claiming to boost your assets more than ever before – all without a scalpel. The racy firm say their new Triple Boost Ultimate Cleavage bra increases breasts by a three cup sizes in an instant. At £34, it’s a much cheaper – and pain-free – alternative for women who crave bigger breasts, but don’t have the will nor the £5,000 for a breast enhancement.
Three-quarters of women admitted in a recent survey that they wear cleavage-enhancing bras every day, and seven in ten are unhappy with their size. Ann Summers put this to the test and asked their 54,000 Twitter followers to get in touch if they were considering a breast enhancement in 2014 – and the firm were inundated with emails from women who wanted to go under the knife.

A hand-picked few were selected to trial the bra before they made their final decision to book their operation. We can reveal exclusively that many changed their minds and decided to opt out after trying the new Ann Summers bra, while others found it an enormous confidence boost. Georgie, 24, from Croydon, who is a natural 34B, was one of the women to test out the bra.
‘It has given me a real cleavage,’ she said.

‘The difference between the before and after pictures really does look like I’ve had surgery. No other padded/boosting bras on the high street have achieved this for me and I think at £34, it’s a must-have for every woman’s lingerie drawer. ‘The design is very comfortable and the smooth cups mean it can be worn under evening wear or light fabrics, while the lace trim makes the plunge cut even sexier. Love it.’ Meanwhile, Ashton, 26, from Yorkshire, a natural bra size 32B, decided to opt out of surgery after trying it on. ‘No need to save for that "orange" job now I’ve discovered the Triple Boost. I could not believe my eyes when I clocked my two new "oranges",’ she said. ‘I’ve tried many padded cleavage enhancer bras in my lifetime, but this is by far the best – and most effective – I’ve ever worn. My confidence is sky high now and it’s nice knowing I can wear certain styles of clothing now without feeling self-conscious about my bust looking flat.’

Leanne, 33, from Leeds, a 34C, added: ‘All other bras I have bought in the past have never given me a cleavage, maybe for about five minutes with a bit of pulling up and squishing, but nothing special. This bra however, as soon as I put it on I could see a cleavage, I was astounded!
‘Due to one of my breasts being a B and the other a C, I do have to pad one cup out a little to make the difference unnoticeable, but that’s nothing a bit of adjusting and maybe an extra insert will sort out!’

An Ann Summers spokesperson said: ‘The Triple Boost is a first in the lingerie business – no other bra can offer the support and breast size enhancing benefits – combined with the high quality design, cut and fabric.
‘This innovative bra is basically confidence in a bra cup – so save your cash, ditch the "orange" job dream and cheat yourself curvy.’
According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, more than 43,000 surgical procedures were carried out in 2012 and of them, 9,843 were breast augmentations.
Only have £6 and want a 2-cup boost? Head to ASDA

George at Asda recently released a bra which claims to increase a woman’s bust size by two cup sizes. The ‘Multi-miracle’ bra promises to double women’s cleavage size while remaining flattering. Priced at just £6, it is available in white, unclad and black and can be worn with or without straps, cross-strap or halter-neck.
- British DAILY MAIL